Use a special video camera that can rewind time to explore memories of the past in TAPE: Unveil the Memories, a first-person narrative mystery adventure set in 1990s Northern Spain. Iria, a girl from the small town of Antumbria, receives a VHS tape from her father asking for help. From this message, Iria will dive into her memories, where she will have to use her father’s old video camera to explore her memory and discover her family’s dark secrets. Will she be able to find the truth hidden behind the lens of the camera? Key Features -A Special Camera In the memories of her past, Iria will be able to use her video camera to affect objects, moving them backwards, forwards or pausing them in time. -Explore Iria’s Memory Find out what happened to Iria’s father, a famous horror film director, and what events led up to his tragic disappearance. -Unveil the Past Set in a small town in Spain, the story of Iria and her family is linked to Galician society in the 1990s, as well as to horror cinema and the influence it had on her.

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    PC Windows, PS4
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    Horror, Narrative, Puzzle
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