Tears of Elara is an open-world, multiplayer RPG set in the lands of Ignero. Their moon, called Elara, exploded half a century ago, and the fragments that landed on the planet brought magic to the world. You play as one of the inhabitants of the island of Saphira, that will start their role as a member of the Scouting division of the Crown. You will forge your own legend, if it’s good or evil it’s up to you. The game’s setting is rich in detail, with a diverse cast of characters, including intelligent species such as elves, goblins, dwarves, giants, pegasus, and dragons, that have emerged as a result of the mutations caused by the Tears. The Tears themselves have magical properties, which the four factions use to further their own goals. Players will be presented with a huge open world with loads of mysteries awaiting to be resolved and discovered. For this purpose, we need to craft a handful of mechanics that help our players to do so. Tears of Elara offers an intriguing and detailed story with a unique plot and diverse characters. The factions add depth to the game, and the player’s role as a member of the Royal Guard allows them to explore the game’s world and engage in combat. The game’s use of magic and mutations also adds an exciting and unpredictable element to the gameplay. Weather also will affect the world. There’ll be a day / night cycle, with var- ying weathers (rain, snow, fog, cloudy, partly cloudy, sunny…) that will also affect the surfaces present. Daytime will have vibrant colours, dawn and dusk will be tinted with intense reddish ones, and night will have a blue-ish tint coming from the now broken moon Elara. There will also be a ring formed of Elara’s fragments and dust visible from everywhere, all the time.

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