In The Legend of Skye we will put ourselves in the shoes of a young druid who is summoned by her tribe elders to undertake an mission of the utmost importance. After some events in her village, she will have to leave the safety of the forest behind and venture into a world full of dangers. The young druid must now infiltrate the city and thwart the plans of the wicked King Finn. The fate of the grove rests now in her sole hands.

The Legend of Skye is the first professional graphic adventure from Point & Pixel Adventures. It features classic Point & Click gameplay, inventory items, and the usual nine verbs from legendary 90s adventures. You will need to pay attention to dialogues with characters and keep a keen eye on your surroundings to solve the clever puzzles and challenges that this adventure has in store for you.

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    PC Windows
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    Adventure, Point and Click, Puzzle
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