Welcome to Little Fish City. It’s a great place to live, especially if you own it! Timothy is an oddball gangster, whose day-to-day life is interrupted by a full-color alien invasion. They’re here and nothing will be the same again!   We’ve returned to Little Fish City, YOUR CITY, for Timothy’s Night: an open world videogame full of action and adventure.   Timothy had a pretty normal childhood for a gangster, except for the part where he was abducted. When he was just a kid, he was taken by these weird-looking beings who gave him superpowers. Since then, Timothy’s done nothing except use those powers for his own benefit and now he controls the whole city. What Timothy neglected to remember was the part where aliens would come to conquer Earth… and now he’s the scoundrel who has to save us all.   – Explore Little Fish City on foot or by car. Rubble, fires, crashing UFOs… I think the party might have gotten out of hand. – Gain access to a powerful arsenal, with advanced DualSense™ integration. Give those triggers hell! – Enjoy the main story but don’t forget about the many fun side quests scattered around the city. – Reclaim Little Fish City in style as the bullets fly while listening to the city’s best radio station.   NOW WITH MORE ALIENS, MORE DESTRUCTION, MORE TENTACLES AND MORE GANGSTERS THAN EVER!

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