Tower Princess: I’ve Come for You! is a parody of the classic “knight enters into the dungeon, rescues the princess and slays the dragon”, only this time is not as easy as just rescuing her and being happy ever after. You’ll have to manage a DATE with a wide variety of members of the royalty locked in towers, at the same time you face the dangers of the classic dungeoneering. Only with her help you’ll be able to defeat the Dragon. An endless queue of humdrum knights, princesses and princes who are not what they seem, and lots of humour! It’s a game that evokes the classic action platformer 3D, with puzzles and a roguelite component.

  • Release year
  • State
    Open beta
  • Platforms
    PC Windows, XONE, PS4, PS5, Switch
  • Genre
    Action, Adventure, Platforms