TRIVIA & STRATEGY Triviador España is a unique game genre that offers more than a simple quiz game. Conquer territories and attack castles while answering trivia questions. Test your knowledge and use your strategy skills. LEAGUES & RANK LISTS You can join the competition, enter tournaments and gain a top place in the Rank Lists and reap the rewards! Reach the highest League with a well-chosen strategy! Defeat your enemies and be a trivia champion! THRIVING COMMUNITY Make a clan (or join one), play and chat with thousands of trivia fans. Invite your best friends for a friendly quiz match, rate player-submitted question, or create your own. EMPIRE OF FUN Customize your world – create a unique avatar, expand your village and upgrade your buildings for increased rewards and gold. Be creative while you expand your Empire of Knowledge! CROSS-PLATFORM Play Triviador España from any device, anywhere! Start playing on a PC and continue the game on your iOS or Android mobile or tablet while you’re on the go without losing your progress. Triviador España is the definition of cross-platform.

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