U-TAD, University of Technology Arts and Design is a higher education institution specialised in developing the inner talent of our students. We offer our students the knowledge and the tools necessary to unleash their creativity through an education based on excellence. As a first-class educational institution, the academic excellence is one of our cornerstones and we offer the student a training ecosystem with all the theoretical and practical tools,  not to mention the prestigious industry professionals teaching faculty, who make of our students capable  professionals ready to face today´s challenges, as well as to progress at the same pace as the digital industry. Through an eminently practical tuition model, based on project development and working in multidisciplinary teams comprised of students from all degrees, we train the future leaders of the digital industry. At U-tad, you can pursue a complete undergraduate degree program, or a postgraduate degree of your choice. You will be able to study Computer Science, Data Science, Cybersecurity, Graphic Computing, Simulation & VR, Digital Design, Game Design, Game Programming, Game Art, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Character Design, Rigging and CFX, Compositing for VFX, and Production Direction for Animation VFX and videogames.

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    U-tad, Centro Digital
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    Private University
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