Virtway Events is one of the most comprehensive virtual 3D spaces for fully immersive, interactive business virtual events. You can easily access with your mobile phone or tablet and the only accessories you need are earphones with a microphone. There’s no need for a VR headset to access Virtway Events, making it completely accessible for just about anyone in the world. We are disrupting the events industry thanks to our unique 3D technology and integrated voice over IP. Get ready for an innovative experience for businesses and clients alike where you can attend online events that are almost identical to those in real life at a significantly reduced cost. Participants have access to a wide variety of digital assets, including videos, presentations, live streamings, document sharing and much more. Throughout and after the event, Virtway Events provides participation data with key metrics for each participant and every activity. The benefits don’t end there! Attendees also lower travel time and expenses as they engage at the virtual event via avatar, walking, clapping, chatting and asking questions in real-time. WHAT TYPE OF VIRTUAL EVENTS CAN YOU HOST? Organize your events online in one of our many virtual scenarios. No event is too big or too small: anything is possible in Virtway Events. Small corporate meetings Presentations Webinar events with live streaming Networking events Conferences Career fairs Trade show exhibitions Product showrooms Internal activities for training or onboarding purposes Team Building activities SPECIAL FEATURES: Customized business stands Brand advertising & promotional services Personalized avatars designed by each attendee Personal profiles/business cards Integrated VoIP and 3D Audio Live chat Scalable from any device International collaboration Presentations with document sharing, powerpoints, pdfs, videos, etc Simple, clean navigation

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