Welcome to Empyreum, the video game that will transform your gaming experience into a fun-filled party for the whole family! This exciting cooperative party game for up to 4 players immerses you in the fascinating and wild universe of Hotel Empyreum.

Imagine a place where action, strategy, and simulation intertwine in an amazing way. With characters like Tommy, the narcissistic influencer; Miriam, the desperate mother; Elisabeth, the fortunate girl; and Apolo, the depressed musician, you will embark on a unique journey in this enchanted place that takes away what they want the most.

To recover it, they must work there, floor by floor until reaching the office of the director, Beatriz. Tasks range from making the bed or vacuuming to other hilarious jobs like taking care of alien babies, running away from ghosts, fumigating carnivorous plants, or feeding jelly to gummy bears – get ready to live unforgettable moments!

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    PC Windows, XONE, XBOX X|S, PS4, PS5, Switch
  • Genre
    Action, Casual, Kids, Management, Strategy
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