Whizz™: The Massive Quiz is the first real-time massive multiplayer quiz game, with a high social component and a TV contest-based dynamics. Inspired by Playstation title “Buzz” (which was awarded with Best Casual and Social Game and Best Multiplayer Game by BAFTA in 2006 and 2009), Whizz™ emerges as the first massive multiplayer quiz game that takes advantage of the social links existing between friends and the arcade style of TV contests. Features  Unique MMO Quiz. Whizz™ is the only one MMO of its kind at a global scale. All the players around the world answer the same question at the same time in real-time. Group game with no limits. With Whizz™ you won’t have to wait or answer in turns (the common scenario in this kind of games). Create group games, invita all your friends, choose the loser’s punishment, and fight for being the best. Arcade experience and TV contest dynamics. In group games you can use powerful attacks (reducing the answer time, reversing the text, shaking the screen, or making the answers dance) and powerups to take advantage over your friends. The user experience is infinitely funnier that in other quiz games. Localized and custom-content contests. For instance, a contest for USA players with NBA questions can be scheduled from 21:00 to 22:00, or a specific game with questions about Alfred Hitchcock on his birthday anniversary can also be set. Amazing graphics style. Whizz™ integrates 3D scenes and 2D graphics to inmerse the players in a TV contest. Functionality Social-oriented. Whizz™ allows the players to look for friends on Facebook and Google+. Players can win trophies, medals, etc.   Rankings. At different levels: city, region, country, and worldwide, plus a ranking with your own friends.   Two game modes. Single-player and group games. In the single-player mode the player rivals with all the connected players around the world, answering the very same question in the chosen language.   Free to Play. Monetization based on buying virtual coins (ingots) and through micro-advertising.   Integrated micro-advertising platform. Possibility of contracting advertising campaigns at different scopes (city, region, country, or worldwide). The ads can be perfectly integrated into the game flow, reducing the potential player’s rejection that other traditional advertising approaches can cause.   More than 5000 exclusive questions. Whizz™ holds its own database of questions, exclusively created for the game. More than the 40% of the questions are image-based.   Available for Android and iOS.   Available in English and Spanish.

  • State
    Open beta
  • Platforms
    iOS, Android
  • Genre
    Casual, Educational
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