Windlanders Studio, in addition to the development of our own IP’s, co-financing, co-production and co-development services for all those international studies that want to benefit from the 54-45% Tax Rebate of the Canary Islands for technological innovation, the best in Europe for the development of video games.     Game Development Services: as an auxiliary study, we guarantee a price 20% cheaper than other similar studies in Europe, that is to say, we improve the service offers from other studies you bring to us. Our main services are:   1º. «Windlanders Co-Development Service» with professionals, high range equipment and software: Art Develoment, Design, Mocap, development with VR/AR, modeling, Digital Sculpture, Animation, Programming, UX, Game Porting, Music and Sound… Experts in Unreal and Unity engine.   2º. «Windlanders Lodging Service»: Hospitality service for video game business production companies from all over the world that want to access to the Canary Islands Tax Incentives. Bring your company with your employees to the Canary Islands and we will lodge it in our facilities! Besides accessing the incentives and co-developing your production together, you will enjoy the best climate and beaches in Europe during the whole year.

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    Israel Hernández, SL
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    C/ Virgen de la Peña
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    Las Palmas
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