WOODPUNK brings you back to the Dark Ages, but with a catch: You are an expert inventor who (stupidly) chose a science career in an era dominated by art majors. Using wood and other scrap material, you’ve made yourself the ultimate tool: A robot that can create weapons. This grotesque and brut- … uh – This “classy interactive experience” features: Fast-paced, action-packed gameplay with slick and responsive controls in 60 FPS A wide arsenal of procedurally generated weapons with over 1400 possible creations Battle over a hundred enemies on screen at a time, along with massive bosses! Persistent, fully destroyable environments that can alter gameplay Play coop with a friend in asymmetrical local multiplayer Forget cybernetics and steam power! Come with us back to the Middle Ages, where WOOD is the cutting edge, leading energy source! Why? Because there’s MACHINEGUNS THAT SHOOT BOMBS. That’s why.

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    PC Windows, Mac, Linux, XONE, PS4, Switch
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    Action, Fighting, Shooter
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