The Spanish video games industry 2020 white paper

The Spanish video games industry  2020 white paper is a comprehensive report on the state of the Spanish industry that tries to showcase the current state of the sector. The report aims to show the potential business opportunities that Spanish companies can explore both locally and internationally. The seventh white paper has been written thanks to the support of the Spanish studios that completed a questionnaire about their 2020 activities.

This report has been written by the Spanish video games and software association, with support from ICEX Spanish Exports and Investments. The white paper is aimed both at current and future industry workers as well as local and international investors. The goal of the report is to offer a complete tool to get a deep insight about the Spanish video games industry and market. It is also a useful tool for those investors that are willing to seek partnerships with local companies.

You can download the white paper on the Spanish video games industry here.

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