The weekly Spanish video games industry newsletter (May 13th)

Hello and welcome to a new edition of our weekly Spanish games industry newsletter! This week we have some good and interesting news such a success story for a port on Switch, a game releasing in Japan as well as this week’s new releases.

Let’s start with a Switch success story for a little Spanish gem that was released a while ago. Arise: A Simple Story, from Piccolo Studio, came out in December 2020. It’s a game that has been praised for its storytelling, art and mechanics. The game has been recently released on the Nintendo Switch and thanks to Game Discover, we have found out that it has been overperforming on Nintendo’s platform to the point of reaching 10,000 sales in just 8 days. A combination of a game discount at launch, plus being featured on the official Nintendo Youtube channel and some early reviews did the magic trick. If you want to learn more about it, here’s some further information.

We now travel to Japan because Melbits, the game from Melbot, has launched in that country thanks to a partnership with the Japanese publisher Paradigm Shift. Melbots is a casual, family-friendly title where players have to solve puzzles playing with a bunch of cute, adorable creatures called Melbits. The twist lies in the Melbits Pod, a physical, egg-shaped gadget with physical sensors that allow players to nurture, evolve and hatch a family of kawaii virtual pets by solving challenges in the real world.

Last but not least, here’s a list of some Spanish games released this week:

  • Nebula Realms, a free 3D interactive online world, from Xaloc Studios (released on May 11)
  • Evil Dead: The Game, the video game adaptation of the classic horror franchise, from Saber Interactive (released on May 13)
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