The weekly Spanish video games industry newsletter (August 26)

Hello, everybody!

Gamescom is almost over, and we couldn’t miss this chance to take a look at some of the news related to Spanish video games.

Gamescom 2022 has kicked off and we already have some news about some good looking Spanish video games showcasing never before seen footage at the German event. One of them is Friends vs Friends, revealed during the Gamescom Opening Night, is a frantic, online PvP shooter that combines combat and deck building. Choose a character, build your deck, and test your friendship with the craziest card effects. The game by Brainwash Gang will be published by Raw Fury.

Another title sporting a new trailer: The Fabulous Fear Machine, as featured in the Virtual Show Floor from Games Radar that was shown during the Future Games Show event. The game by Fictiorama Studios, and published by AMC Games, is a narrative-driven strategy game with a pulp horror style. As the Machine’s new Master, you must sow fear and expand your influence by playing Legend cards, harvesting resources, dealing with events in the simulation, and spying on your enemies. The studio just released a new trailer for Gamescom.

There has been more this week than Gamescom, because we also have three new releases. Kid Ball Adventure lets you take control of Kid Ball, all bouncing, no limbs, to master the parabolic jump and become a Kid Ball master after overcoming 100 levels full of traps, enemies and final bosses. The game by Spoonbox Studio is out now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox.

Last, two releases for Nintendo Switch: Narona Sports is a sports game by Cokoon Games Lab, that lets you enjoy five different sports including football, basketball or volleyball. Kofi Quest: Alpha Mod was released on Steam last January and now arrives to the Nintendo hybrid console. This game by Loftur Studio is a not-so-serious adventure that brings together mechanics from Action RPG and RTS games. You’ll control Kofi, a weak, lazy and unlucky videogame character that will be followed by a group of interesting (and pathetic) characters aiding him to live a great adventure.

And before saying goodbye, let us remember you that a handful of Spanish studios have been selected to participate in a popular contest to get a booth at the next Tokyo Game Show. The devs are Piccolo Studio, Super Mega Team, The Longest Road Games and Valhalla Cats. You can support them here.

And that all for this week. As always, do not forget to follow us on social media! See you next week!

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