2 Minutes in Space is a great fast survival game, where you will be thrown into the world of space, full of dangerous objects and invisible rivals. Your enemies are missiles, asteroids, nebulas, gravitational fields and the Moon. Your friends are ammunition and superpowers. The game offers great time and challenging obstacles for both experienced gamers and beginners. All a player needs to do is to choose one of 13 different space ships equipped with lasers, guns or laser cannons and define the destination: Orion Nebula, Asteroid Belts, the Moon or Gravity Field. The next step is simple: press start and challenge space! Missiles, asteroids and nebulas will reduce survival chances to zero, but energy boost, deflector shield, ammunition and E.M.P. will keep the gamer alive and turn playing into an exciting adventure. A galactic adventure has never been as dangerous and as tempting as it is now! Three kinds of controls, amazing studio-recorded music versus the sounds of outer space, impressive graphics and clear instructions will bring unforgettable gaming experience. Download it for FREE! iOS: Android:

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