The Spanish video games industry newsletter (January 20th)

Happy Friday!

We’re back to normal after all the Holiday craziness. Did you survive the shrimp surges? Hoping that there’s someone on the other side of the screen reading this. Although we have no big news related to the Spanish Video Game industry, we do have some incredible news for you- since our last update there have been three and a half Spanish game releases! Let’s roll the red carpet out for:

Scrap Riders by Games For Tutti (published by Microids). Awarded with Best Game Made in Valencia in 2019 and released on January 9th. It’s a cyberpunk beat-them-up in a classic 2D pixel art style. It’s the second game made by the studio and seems like they won’t stop their production just here.

Under Dungeon is a black-and-white dungeon crawler about the first day of Kimuto’s employment, with a narrative full of comedy and social critique. And cats. Under Dungeon is made by Josyan, a solo dev that started releasing games back in 2018, and has released it thanks to Redder on Steam, Switch and Xbox.

Aurora’s Journey and the Pitiful Lackey is a side-scroller published by Not So Great team with the help of PlayStation Talents. Now, players can enjoy this shoot-them-up adventure on PS4, PS5 and PC.

And last but not least, EVERING, an early-access RPG by Purpure Studio, released its second chapter just 9 days ago.

With this, we can conclude January’s news but we’ll come with more information in February. Enjoy the weekend and keep supporting the indie industry as always!

Activity funded by the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sport

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