The weekly Spanish games industry newsletter (February 3rd)

Hello everyone!

The month of January is over! How much progress have you made on your long-term goals? Any nice plans for this weekend or is it still too cold outside? We bring you some indoor plans just in case:

Great news! OXO, the video game museum of Malaga, opened its doors on January 27th. The 2,000-square-metre space offers visitors a 360-degree view of the gaming world, with exhibits featuring both early entertainment systems and the latest trends. The aim of this museum is not only to show the past to its curious visitors but to conserve the historical legacy.

This picture was taken by Migue Fernandez during the opening event. If you want to explore more, visit this entry by Diariosur.

And now, let’s move to the recent Spanish indie game releases:

Right and Down got its Nintendo Switch version on January 24th. This game is a roguelike deck-builder that you play with just two buttons… yes, you guessed it – right and down.

The studio, mc2games, already announced the release of Right and Down and Dice in May 2023.

BlindShot Studio, a group of dev students, released their first game ever on January 26th with the help of JanduSoft. Hyper Shapes is a frenetic boss rush game about memorizing enemies’ patterns to learn their weaknesses. It has the tag “casual” on Steam, but I have my doubts on this topic… It’s available on Steam, PS4/PS5 & Nintendo Switch.

And we are just in time to announce that Delirium will be available from February 3rd on Steam. An only-controller first-person graphic adventure about escaping from a delirious house and solving puzzles in a comedy style. This game is developed by  Blackgate Studio and published by Gamera games. Good luck on your special day!!!

It’s time to stop reading this newsletter and enjoy some games! See you at the next one or in the meantime on Twitter.

Activity funded by the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sport

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