The weekly Spanish games industry newsletter (March 3rd)


We have something important to say about an ongoing debate: Kickstarter is not dead! Chibig Studio raised more than 1 million for Mika and the Witch’s Moutain! That’s a massive success and the most successful Spanish video game funded on Kickstarter! The campaign was live for a whole month, and now we can only wait for the game to be released.

This weekend the Valencia Indie Summit is happening and a lot of indie studios will be there showcasing their work. But if you can’t attend, we have fresh news for you. Check this beautiful list of Spanish indie titles that were released in the past weeks:

Alephant is a wordless abstract puzzle game about language. Its developer, Lucas Le Slo, is well-known in the puzzle gaming dev community. Alephant is his 5th title on Steam.

One Military Camp by Abylight Studios left Early Access yesterday. In this base-building game your task is to train the rookies to become elites and finish the war once and for all. 

If you ever thought about changing your job to become a photographer, now is the time! You can always try I.S.A. Calendar Photoshoot 2023 and make the charity calendar of your dreams. It’s available on and the game tasks you with creating a calendar for the International Space Agency. Shoot astronauts, but more important, shoot a dog astronaut! Is there anything more important? This game has been developed by Deconstructeam and Selkie Harbour.

And for closing, let’s announce two games that have recently been ported to consoles: Intruders: Hide and seek, by Tessera Studios, a horror game with several awards is now on Nintendo Switch thanks to Daedalic Entertainment.

Seven Doors, by Indigo Studios, is a promising puzzle game available on PlayStation, Switch and Xbox thanks to Soedesco.

The calendar is always full of announcements. This makes us so happy and busy at the same time. We’ll be back in a few weeks to continue informing you of all the movements inside the video game Spanish market.

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