The weekly Spanish games industry newsletter (February 17th)

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We’re full of energy and ready to dress up this Saturday! Do you celebrate Carnival where you live? In Spain, some regions are really into it and others don’t even know that it’s happening. From elaborate parades to lively street parties, carnival is a time for people to let loose and embrace their creative sides. The best part of it is going out to search for the funniest costumes, don’t you agree?

But let’s focus on a different kind of excitement: video games!

Congratulations to Rise of Fox Hero, because they’re going out TODAY!

This game may remind you of Tunic, but with a more fierce protagonist. If you like platforming, melee combat and solving puzzles, grab your sword and delve into this colourful world.

Developed by Josep Monzonis Hernandez, who started creating games in 2018 and has now 6 titles out in the market, and published by 2Awesome Studio. Rise of Fox Hero will be available on PS4, Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox XS.

February 14th was a special date for sure, we’ve lost count of how many games came out that day. But, at least, we can say that Spy Bros and Painting Werther made a stellar appearance.

Spy Bros is a single-screen action platformer game that pays tribute to Snow Bros, released in 1990. This arcade game of challenging difficulty is the second title released by RAWRLAB Games. But they won’t stop here, they’re already developing Bremen Hot Strings, a graphic adaptation of the fairy tale «Town Musicians of Bremen» and it’s meant to be released in 2024.

Painting Werther is a Paintable Visual Novel where all the visuals are living paintings, all the music pieces are classics (with a twist) and the novel was written by Goethe in 1774. Quite an interesting concept. Mad Cream Games, the developers, continue their editorial line of hand-drawn games with a psychological depth after the release of Pink Gum in 2020.

There is only one step from love to horror. Wait, is that what they used to say?

Mite, released as an Early-Access on February 13th, is a third-person horror game, which makes use of Japanese folklore. Step into the creepy forest created by Kanashi Studio… if you dare. We must warn you that this is the second title published by Kanashi Studio, and they specialize in horror games.

Let’s cheer for the classics with Touchdown Pinball, and let’s cry for computer gamers… because this game is only available for Nintendo Switch, PS5 and Xbox XS. Touchdown Pinball depicts a pinball machine where you’ll score field goals and touchdowns. Exciting! It’s time to show off your football skills. The game was first released by Super PowerUp Games on Switch and then ported to PS5 and Xbox on February 10th.

Do you remember Hyper Shapes from the last newsletter? Well, they made it to Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S on February 9th. Congratulations to BlindShot Studio!

Have you ever heard about Brainwash Gang? Because this studio is working non-stop. While they are working on the development of Friends VS Friends, they joined Malaga Jam and released this small, but inspiring game about evolving and rooting. You can play It’s Either Them or Us on

By the way, there’s going to be a Spanish streaming tournament today at 17:00 CET showcasing Friends VS Friends. Be sure to tune in or play their available demo to share the excitement.

The awarded title by Herobeat Studios, Endling, is available since February 7th on mobile devices. If you haven’t tried it yet, there’s no excuse now! Endling is a beautiful adventure where survival and extinction are the main topics.

This newsletter was intense and full of amazing games, February has been amazing. But now is the time to continue making our costumes. We’ll see you again in March!

Activity funded by the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sport

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