The weekly Spanish video games industry newsletter (July 22)

Hello, everybody!

Another week, another round of exciting Spanish video games news. We have an anticipated new release and other three titles that are now out, plus a new trailer for the video game adaptation of Tad’s new movie.

First things first! Last Tuesday, the wait for Endling: The Last Extinction was over. We had heard of this game for a while: it’s a heartbreaking story of the last mother fox on Earth trying to save and protect her cubs. The game from Herobeat Studios is now available on Steam and consoles.

We have more games about animals! Deer Journey, by Pablo Picazo, is a third person walking simulator game. Outcasted by the other deers, an albino fawn is forced to go deep into the forest to find a place to live. The game is now available on Steam. The last release on Steam is Hostlight, a casual single player puzzle game with mechanics that revolve around the use of lights and shadows developed by ESDIP and published by Selecta Play.

There’s one last game, this one released on Nintendo Switch. Encounters: Music Stories get a Switch release after its debut on mobile devices a year ago. The game by Raquel García Cabañas tells us about the desires of its characters to meet and be happy with their loved ones. Each character plays a part of a musical piece. To advance, players will have to go down the blue tiles at the right time and live the experience of synchronizing with the instruments of precious melodies.

And we will say goodbye sharing one last piece of news. Tad: The Lost Explorer and the Emerald Tablet is getting a video game adaptation. Today we just got news of a new trailer that you can check above. The game from Gammera Nest will also get a physical edition on both PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

That’s all for this week! Have an amazing weekend!

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