The weekly Spanish video games industry newsletter (July 29)

Hello everybody! July is about to end and this will be a shorter than usual newsletter considering this has been a slow news week.

Our one and only release to feature is DEPO: Death Epileptic Pixel Origins, a first-person 3D platformer from 6 Faces Team, where you control a rebel pixel inside a computer with an evil Operating System governing everything. In DEPO players will find final bosses, cinematic scenes, arcade mini-games, 50 huge levels full of surprises, and big stories to discover!

DEPO may be the only Spanish release this week, but don’t forget that The Game Kitchen, the studio behind Blasphemous, is still running its Kickstarter campaign for All on Board!, a mod-based VR platform to play board games with your friends that is being developed for SteamVR and Meta Quest 2. The Game Kitchen had a funding goal of almost €25,000 but it has already gathered €42,000 and the campaign still has 13 days to go!

That’s it for this week! Let us know which games you are playing these days and do not forget to follow us on social media!

Activity funded by the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sport

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