The weekly Spanish video games industry newsletter (June 10)

Hello everybody! It’s Friday and that means that we have your weekly dose of Spanish video games awesomeness ready! We won’t lie to you, this has been a quiet week: a significant number of studios have been working really hard to be ready for one of this year’s main events: the Steam Next Fest! The event starts next Monday and will be held until June 20, but we will leave that aside for next week.

For now, we wanted to focus on one of the games that has caught our attention during the last months. Yes, we are talking about American Arcadia, the new game from Out of the Blue Games, creators of the award-winning and critically acclaimed Call of the Sea. This game, published by Raw Fury, was highlighted in the Summer Game Fest, and you can watch its latest trailer below.

Out of the Blue’s new game is set in Arcadia, a 70’s retro-futuristic metropolis where all its citizens enjoy a life of luxury and comfort… unaware that they’re being broadcast live 24/7! The most-watched reality show on the planet has its downside because a drop in popularity ratings comes at the highest cost: death.

American Arcadia features two characters with unique playstyles. A 2.5D action side-scroller including challenging platform action, breath-taking chases, stealth, and puzzles. As well as a full 3D first-person game, with hacking, exploration, stealth elements, and puzzles to solve.

The game still hasn’t a release date, so we will have to keep waiting just a little bit more. The good news is that next week will be packed with demos of some of the most anticipated Spanish games. But that’s a subject for next week.

Until then, have a great weekend!

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