The weekly Spanish video games industry newsletter (June 13)

Hello everybody and welcome to this week’s newsletter. It’s a special week as we have had a ton of new game announcements and there’s the Steam Next Fest going on so there are a ton of demos waiting to be played.

So, what about the non-E3 weekend? There were a ton of announcements and we were lucky to witness some exciting Spanish projects. Ugly, from Team Ugly, was featured at the Guerrilla Collective. This puzzle-platformer game with a unique mirror mechanic and a gorgeous art style. And what do you say about Ereban: Shadow Legacy? This fast-paced stealth platformer was featured at the Xbox & Bethesda showcase. 

Hey, we even got a few games released amongst all this madness! Don’t miss The Creature: Escape Room, from K148 Studio, and released for the Meta Quest. There’s also Your Computer Might Be At Risk, from Tenebris Studio, Oxide Room 104, from WildSphere, and System of Souls, from Chaotic Lab. If you are into Early Access titles, Summum Aeterna just started its adventure through full release.

And now, let’s take a look at some of the Spanish video games that are featured in the Steam Next Fest that started last Monday and will be held until June 20. From well-known studios such as Fictiorama, Chibig, or Abylight to a bunch of indie companies that, in some cases, are featuring their debut titles. Here’s a list of some of those titles. And, remember that, if you want to be updated with the latest news about the Spanish video games industry, you can subscribe to the weekly newsletter that you can find at

Do Not Feed The Monkeys 2099 (Fall 2022, Fictiorama Studios)

Do Not Feed The Monkeys 2099 is the sequel to the acclaimed voyeur simulator that became a finalist of the Independent Games Festival in 2018. As a member of the Primate Observation Club, you will use your security cameras to spy on strangers, invade their privacy, and discover their intimate secrets. But remember the golden rule: as tempting as it may be, do NOT interfere in their lives.

Play the demo now

The Crown of Wu (N/A, Red Mountain Consulting)

Embody the Monkey King Sun Wukong in a legendary adventure inspired by Wu Cheng’en’s Journey to the West, a novel where mythology meets reality to offer a new vision of the world. Use your elemental powers to recover what’s yours and save the world from certain destruction.

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One Military Camp (2022, Abylight Barcelona)

Become the last hope of your people against the unstoppable troops of an evil maniac guy who aims to conquer the world. In One Military Camp, you’ll build from scratch and manage every aspect of a training camp as the enemy forces close in on you. Will you survive to tell the tale?

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IDEA (2022, The Longest Road Games)

Let your ideas flow and explore a beautiful natural world in this cozy physics-based puzzle game by the co-creators of The Longest Road and the filmmaker Olli Huttunen. Help your little lightbulb find its way, and share your most inspiring thoughts with other players when it stops rolling. Every ending is a door to a new beginning…

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Mika and The Witch’s Mountain (2022, Chibig)

In this witchy adventure inspired by Ghibli’s movies, you will manage Mika’s delivery service at a tiny, peaceful island. Conquer the skies on your broom, become friends with the villagers, and enjoy a unique mystery that will make you come back for more.

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Monster Roadtrip (N/A, Beautiful Glitch)

Hit the road with this new vibrant sequel to Monster Prom, where you’ll decide which kind of story to live with up to 3 friends. Visit fun locations, meet wacky characters, and decide together how to manage your resources. And, of course, you still can date some hot monsters!
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The Fabulous Fear Machine (Summer 2022, Fictiorama)

What are the people’s deepest desires? In this horror-pulp-styled strategy game, you’ll take advantage of them by spreading fear through the careful cultivation of urban myths and scary tales. After all, nothing empties store shelves faster than panic.

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CLeM (2023, Mango Protocol)

You wake up in a dark room in a place you’ve never seen before. It all started with someone giving you a purpose. Delve into the twisted story of this puzzlevania adventure as you explore the house guided by a mysterious voice, a notebook full of notes on alchemy, and your skills to craft magical toys. Complete your mission… if you desire. If you’re able.

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Delete After Reading (September 2022, Patrones y Escondites)

One of the most influential games ever created has been stolen by a filthy rich boy, and he’s not willing to share it with anyone else! Plus, he seems to have Destiny on his side… Help a ragtag bunch of kids save the only copy existing from their machinations in this narrative-driven puzzle adventure from the creators of Unmemory.

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Frank and Drake (N/A, Appnormals)

In this narrative point-and-click adventure, you’ll meet two extraordinary strangers who are brought together as roommates by unknown forces in a conspiracy that threatens them both. Play Frank during the day, Drake at night. Their choices will affect what each other can do in the future.

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The Many Pieces of Mr. Coo (2023, Gammera Nest)

A whimsical point & click adventure with a surrealist story, astounding hand-drawn animations, and hilarious puzzles. Help Mr. Coo recover his body and escape a world of madness and strange creatures as he tries to figure out how, and why he got there. Might there be some philosophical strife behind all this nonsense?

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And there are more to come! Players on Steam can play, for the first time ever, many other upcoming Spanish games like Curse of the Sea Rats(Petoons), Last Time I Saw You (Maboroshi Artworks), Aurora’s Journey and the Pitiful Lackey (The Not So Great Team), Antro (Gatera Studio), The Library of Babel (Tanuki Game Studio), The Silent Swan (Studio CIrcenses), Astronite (Dume Games), Superola Champion Edition (Undercoders) and Hostlight (ESDIP_GAMES).

Stay tuned to our Twitter account to discover the full list of Spanish games featured in the Steam Next Fest, we update our official thread every day!

That’s all for this week. We hope you have an amazing weekend playing video games!

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