The weekly Spanish video games industry newsletter (June 24)

Hello everybody!

We hope you had an amazing time enjoying all kinds of games (especially Spanish ones) during the Steam Next Fest! There was some exciting games and ideas to be discovered! But after getting our hands on so many games, this week we wanted to explore other demos that you may enjoy as we speak.

It has been a super quiet week in terms of releases and announcements (a normal thing if you remember that last week we were enjoying that non-E3 event) but we have featured in our Twitter account a few games whose demos you can enjoy for free these days. Let’s take a look at them:

Toy Tactics by Kraken Empire is a physics-based RTS game with a unique control system. The game lets you lead legendary warriors from distant ages in their quest for glory. Command your troops and outclass other military geniuses from different ages in a take on battles like never before. Think fast, deploy your units, and emerge victorious. There is more than one road to victory, but only the smartest will get the prize. The game still hasn’t an official release date but it really looks like something.

Here’s a treat for those who like to play a demo before deciding to buy a game. Your Computer Might Be At Risk, by Tenebris Studio, was released last June 17, and you can try it for free right now. In this first-person narrative puzzle game you are locked up in a room after a mysterious car accident and you must figure out how to escape while surviving dangerous trials.

Last but not least, Soot, a simulation and strategy game where you control the terraforming crew of the Ziggurat, a roaming space station that orbits small planets and exploits their resources. Follow Captain Christopher Mason and Lieutenant Ferdinand McCann as they (and you) master the craft of terraforming. The game by Ceiba Software and Arts was released on May 27th, but you can also try it for free.

And with those three games we can wrap things up for this week!

Activity funded by the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sport

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