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Welcome to a new chapter our weekly newsletter about the Spanish games industry, where we review the most important events in the sector over the last seven days, including new game releases.

Official key artwork for TGS 2022

Adventures in faraway lands…

First and most important, Tokyo Games Show 2022 is already here! From September 15 to 18, Japan is hosting one of the most important game events worldwide. This year, we are fortunate to have many national projects that have traveled there with ICEX and Games from Spain to highlight our creative talent.

All attendees had a great time together in a networking encounter celebrated on September 14, where hundreds of people from the industry had the chance to discover the Spanish projects being exhibited these days in the Maruhaki Messe Center of Mihama (Chiba).

In addition to all this, it’s exciting to announce there’s a Spanish finalist in the 15th Sense of Wonder Night, the Tokyo Game Show’s indie awards ceremony. IDEA: The Game, an experimental puzzle platforming game developed by The Longest Road, was announced to reach the last phase of this competition.

To achieve this, the developer Arturo Monedero and his team had to overcome a pre-selection phase where they competed against almost 600 games from all around the world, including Arise: A Simple Story (Piccolo Studio), The Knight Witch (Super Mega Team) and Stars in the Trash (Valhalla Cats).

Game releases (September 12 -16)

On another note, it’s time to catch up on this week’s video game releases! Let’s get started:

Anyone’s Diary (September 14, 2022), by World Domination Project & PlayStation®Talents

The PS VR exclusive puzzle platformer is out now in North America! Also, it has been re-released in Europe as an enhanced version of the original game, with upgraded visuals (from 720p to 1080p), a better performance and a new special edition that features five special avatars and its original soundtrack.

Anyone’s Diary makes you part of Anyone’s psychological journey across a distorted city made of paper that represents their inner world, where you’ll have to solve inner conflicts represented by puzzles. You won’t just control the actions of Anyone, but also certain parts of the world they’re exploring.

Ankora: Lost Days (September 15, 2022), Chibig Studio

A cute single-player adventure by the creators of Summer in Mara and Deiland. Mûn is a junior ranger from the Interstellar Patrol that finds herself stranded on Ankora after her spaceship crashes there. As usual in Chibig studios’ games, you’ll have to survive in the middle of nature with the help of your intelligence and manual dexterity. Explore the unknown, craft tools, grow your food, deal with extreme temperatures, meet new friends, and face some terrible monsters living in this uncharted planet!

Out now on PC (Steam) and consoles (Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation).

Blind Fate: Edo no Yami (September 15, 2022), by Troglobytes & 101XP

Follow the path of samurai in this third-person action adventure that mixes ancient tradition and science-fiction. It’s a new, dark, and machine-filled Edo period, and the Shogunate rules over Japan with its just, but pitiless hand: you. As a cyber-warrior, you will be able to make use of your enhanced battle and infiltration capabilities to accomplish missions better than any other human being. Slash through robots with a trusty katana, use hi-tech implants to navigate the surroundings, dodge enemy attacks, and land devastating finishers. Explore the world, uncovering centuries of lore and guiding Yami on his vengeful, story-driven journey.

Out now on PC (Steam, GOG), PlayStation and Xbox. Available on September 22 for Nintendo Switch.

Whateverland (September 15, 2022), by Caligari Games & Whisper Games

Whateverland is a hand-painted point-n-click adventure game with a branching dialogue system, non-linear gameplay, various endings, and unique in-game turn-based board game. Find your way out of a magical prison called Whateverland with a charming ghost Nick by your side, get to meet the charismatic locals, steal, and deceive or be a good boy and help others to discover all the different endings to this bizarre adventure.

Now available on Steam and GOG.

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