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Abr 26
Games From Spain News Recap: 19-26 April, 2024

New recap on the latest events in the Spanish games industry: get ready for the Mad Games Show, and the new game releases happening this week!

Abr 19
Games From Spain News Recap: 12-19 April, 2024

Your weekly recap on the latest game announcements is back: discover Do Not Feed The Monkey's new DLC, The Game Kitchen's publishing project and more!

Mar 03
The weekly Spanish games industry newsletter (March 3rd)

Helloooo! We have something important to say about an ongoing debate: Kickstarter is not dead! Chibig Studio raised more than 1 million for Mika and the Witch’s Moutain! That’s a massive success and the most successful Spanish video game funded on Kickstarter! The campaign was live for a whole month, and now we can only […]

Feb 17
The weekly Spanish games industry newsletter (February 17th)

Hey there! We’re full of energy and ready to dress up this Saturday! Do you celebrate Carnival where you live? In Spain, some regions are really into it and others don’t even know that it’s happening. From elaborate parades to lively street parties, carnival is a time for people to let loose and embrace their […]

Feb 03
The weekly Spanish games industry newsletter (February 3rd)

Hello everyone! The month of January is over! How much progress have you made on your long-term goals? Any nice plans for this weekend or is it still too cold outside? We bring you some indoor plans just in case: Great news! OXO, the video game museum of Malaga, opened its doors on January 27th. […]

Ene 20
The Spanish video games industry newsletter (January 20th)

Happy Friday! We’re back to normal after all the Holiday craziness. Did you survive the shrimp surges? Hoping that there’s someone on the other side of the screen reading this. Although we have no big news related to the Spanish Video Game industry, we do have some incredible news for you- since our last update […]

Ene 05
The Spanish video games industry newsletter (January 5th)

Hello everybody! Tomorrow is a national holiday in Spain, so we’re covering the releases one day before the usual because on Friday we’ll be opening presents that the Three Wise Men brought to us, which may probably be the following indie game: Grabitoons! was released on the 26th of December by Entalto Studios on Steam […]

Dic 23
The Spanish video games industry newsletter (Christmas Edition)

Hello, everybody! Christmas is almost upon us and we are super excited to spend time with our families as well as having some spare time to play some new games, especially Spanish ones. These have been slow weeks for the Spanish industry, but let us summarize some of the most important news that broke these […]

Dic 09
The Spanish video games industry newsletter (December 9th)

Discover the Spanish games announced in the Game Awards gala Hello everyone: It’s been a while since our last newsletter, we hope you missed us a bit! Since it’s been a few weeks since we last updated you on what’s new in Spanish videogame development, it’s worth a quick recap before we dive into the […]

Nov 11
The weekly Spanish video games industry newsletter (November 11)

Hello, everybody! Halloween is well behind us and we’re already planning how to spend our savings on this year’s Black Friday. But before we get to that, we still have news to share. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some new releases! This week is port week. We have three new games, all […]